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Composer and Artistic Director:
Cristian Vogel

The Automatic Message

My Nilsson
Siegmar Aigner
Valeriya Olkhova

Light Design:
Sune Petersen
Cristian Vogel

Fashion Design:
Valeriya Olkhova ( VOFT )

Additional Scenography:

Tanya Goehring


3D Audio Technology:
Sonic Emotion Labs (WFS/Stage Version)
IRCAM Flux Spat Revolution (HOA/Film Version)

Speaker Technology:
Nordic Pro Audio

Amplifier Technology:

Sound Design Technology:
Symbolic Sound Kyma
NeverEngine Labs

Video Edit:
The Automatic Message

Daniel Alonso Van Camp

Supported by:
Aarhus2017 Foundation
Danish Arts Council

Det er der kommet en ny fortælling ud af, en historie der smukt – og smerteligt – kredser om kaldet som auditiv form og længslen som idé.

Seismograf Review

His intentions are to manufacture a blend of sounds that connect with the nervous system to affect a direct, immediate emotional response.

Ibiza Spotlight

The deeper you listen, the more microscopic textural elements blossom into finely detailed patterns.


‘Merman’s Dream’ is unbearably beautiful in its own wailing chaos of drifting, diffuse forms.

BS Magazine

Cristian Vogel presents

The Ballad of Agnete and The Merman

Project Description

‘Agnete and The Merman’ is a film adaptation of on a sonic theatre production created by the composer Cristian Vogel. The original staging happened at Godsbanen Theatre Aarhus in June 2017. The scenes for the film were shot on the set and edited by Canadian AV artists Tanya Goehring and Trevor Jacobson aka The Automatic Message.

‘Agnete and The Merman’ is a supernatural Scandinavian folk ballad. Cristian Vogel’s sonic theater adaptation was originally commissioned by the Aarhus European Capital of Culture under its “ReThink” theme. Software controlled sound, light and live choreographic performance reframed scenes from the old ballad, as a modern, immersive and immediate music experience. The staged version ran for four nights and was well received by all who attended.


The parallel film project represents an experiment into performative documentation, aiming to mediate the experience of the immersive staging for a wider audience. The music score of the film is an adaptation of Cristian Vogel’s original wave field synthesis score, but has been recomposed entirely in Higher Order Ambisonics at Notam Studio Sirius in Oslo.

The cinematographic content of the film captures in detail the sensations of the immersive theater performance, filmed on location with the performers using high definition cameras and lighting.

The film was premiered in December 2017 on the famous ZKM Kubus spatial sound system, as part of the InSonic2017 official selection.

What can unite us when we come from different worlds?

photo: Tanya Goehring
photo: Tanya Goehring
photo: Tanya Goehring
photo: Tanya Goehring

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