Cristian Vogel

My Nilsson
Siegmar Aigner
Valeriya Olkhova

Light Design:
Sune Petersen

Costume Design:
Valeriya Olkhova ( VOFT )

Additional Scenography:

3D Audio Technology:
Sonic Emotion Labs

Speaker Technology:
Nordic Pro Audio/APG

Amplifier Technology:

Sound Design Technology:
Symbolic Sound Kyma
NeverEngine Labs

Video Documentation:
The Automatic Message

Daniel Alonso Van Camp

His intentions are to manufacture a blend of sounds that connect with the nervous system to affect a direct, immediate emotional response.

Ibiza Spotlight

The deeper you listen, the more microscopic textural elements blossom into finely detailed patterns.


‘Merman’s Dream’ is unbearably beautiful in its own wailing chaos of drifting, diffuse forms.

BS Magazine

Can't make it to Aarhus?

Don't worry, we are making a documentary about it...

Help crowdfund a documentary on the ethical crowdfunding platform StartNext. The film focusses on the electronic innovator’s upcoming “creation for immersive sound and live performance,” The Ballad Of Agnete And The Merman. It will be filmed and directed by Vancouver based AV artists, The Automatic Message.

Cristian Vogel presents

The Ballad of Agnete and The Merman

18/19/20/21 June 2017 at Godsbanen Aarhus

A performance piece for spatial sound and music created by electronic music composer Cristian Vogel and a team of international collaborators.

Commissioned for the official programme of Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017, the piece borrows from the symbolism and narrative of a well known Danish folk ballad, a story of love, loss and impossible migrations.

The Åbnescene theatre at Godsbanen in Aarhus will be transformed into an immersive sonic environment, inviting the audience to participate in a sophisticated music and scenographic experience. The production unites electronic music, slow fashion, experimental architecture and advanced audio technology to reframe the ballad in a modernist setting.

What can bring us together when we come from different worlds?

Spatial sound and live theatre elements will emphasise the potential we all have to become aware of a unifying presence within complex situations. Perhaps this collective experience may help to resolve Agnete and the Merman’s heartbreaking dilemma.

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